Personal hotspot is missing after iOS 8 update? Here’s how to fix it!

Updating iOS often comes with bugs and uncomfortable changes. One of the recent ones is the absence of personal hotspot option in the settings. So if you are stuck with personal hotspot not working in iOS 8 after update – try the steps below to bring it back:

  1. Sign out of the iCloud account on both devices. (I let iCloud delete everything when asked. It all comes back when sign back in later)
  2. Reset Network Settings on the iPhone (General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings)
  3. If necessary, Rename the phone to what you want it called (General -> About -> Name. Resetting network settings consistently renamed my phone to just “iPhone”)
  4. Power down both devices.
  5. Restart iPhone and log back in to iCloud.
  6. Restart other device and log back into iCloud.

This fix works for most users. But if it doesn’t help, here’s another one:

Good luck with applying this fix and have a bug-free day!

Tried these fixes and it worked? Or know another one? Please share your experience in the comments.

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