How to create and use retina images on your website

If you are reading this, chances are that you are doing it on a high-resolution screen, often called “retina”. Creating graphics for retina screens requires a special approach to ensure the images look as crisp, as on regular screens.

Apart from using server-side or client-side scripting solutions (like Retina.js or Retina Images), the simple way to understand and implement retina images on your websites is this:

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How to (finally) register a .uk domain

.uk launch

Hello there! It’s been many years of waiting before UK’s registrar Nominet finally released the .uk domain zone into the wild. Personally, I was dreaming of it since 2006 (and honestly thought that’s  never going to happen). Along with the ongoing trend of using domain zone hacks and registering websites using .io, .ly and other funky domain zones, a desire of acquiring a .uk domain to creatively apply to your website’s name was growing.  Now, starting from June 10, 2014, that became a reality. Although, it requires some extra effort to do it properly. Here’s how the process goes.

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